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Dear Illinois Pharmacist:

We had a foundational shift in 2019 and going into 2020.  Working together, we maximized our lobbying efforts and awareness to protect the pharmacy profession and establish a beginning of PBM reform.  With the passage of HB465, now Public Act 101-0452, Illinois can begin true oversight of PBMs and provide employers with more rights to transparency within their own plan designs.  This is only the start of a new paradigm of patient protection and pharmacy access.  Together we will continue expanding our outreach to achieve even greater reforms upon PBMs and advance of pharmacy practice.  We continue to see across the nation as states are pushing back against PBMs and their cloaked practices and abuses to pharmacies and patients.  Your pledges enable us to maintain our representation by Fidelity Consulting, which had a positive impact on pharmacy and making our voice heard.  IPhA is committed to having an even larger impact on legislation that affects the profession and preserve access for our patients.  As such, we are continuing our relationship with Pharmacists United for Truth and Transparency (PUTT) for assisting our public relations efforts.  We hired 3 Axis Advisors (formerly 46Brooklyn) to prepare an analysis of Illinois Medicaid Managed Care Pharmacy.  3 Axis Advisors works with clients to provide independent data analysis needed to spur change and innovation within an industry.  This team was instrumental in exposing the drug pricing distortions and supply chain inefficiencies embedded in Ohio’s Medicaid managed care program.  This type of exposure in Ohio has not gone unnoticed by legislators in Illinois.  With recent leadership changes in the Governor’s office, many freshman legislators, and new Department heads and staff, it is imperative that we have the resources to further expand our voice and educate the 101st General Assembly on PBM practices that are crippling the state, as well as community pharmacy owners.

IPhA is asking for a generous donation of $2,500 per store. We understand this is a large sum of money.  This amount will keep our efforts going.  Please contribute what you can.

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Garth K. Reynolds, BSPharm, RPh, MBA
Executive Director

To help reduce credit card transaction fees, please consider writing a check for any amounts over $1,000.  Thank you in advance you ensuring that your monies our maximized to help our advocacy efforts.

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